About Skin Cancer Specialists

Skin Cancer Specialists located in Mesa, AZ

Skin Cancer Specialists provides the highest quality skin cancer care for patients in and around Mesa, Arizona. Board-certified dermatologists and Fellowship trained Mohs surgeons Daniel Skinner, MD and Brian Wanner, DO, and fellowship-trained reconstructive surgeon Grant Heinz, MD, take an integrative approach to treating even the most aggressive skin cancers with a high level of success.

Nonsurgical treatments like laser therapy and cryotherapy are available in the office to treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. The providers also offer outpatient Mohs surgery to remove layers of cancerous lesions while preserving as much healthy skin as possible.

The Skin Cancer Specialists team provides in-office excision procedures, chemotherapy, and radiation to treat melanoma, a potentially life-threatening skin cancer. On staff is an extensively trained plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery to ensure wounds heal fully and without visible scars. The practice is also recognized as a leader in facial adjacent tissue transfer surgeries.

The on-site laboratory at Skin Cancer Specialists ensures patients get fast, accurate results for biopsies and other diagnostic testing. The physicians also provide personalized follow-up care to prevent the recurrence of skin cancer and related complications. 

The Skin Cancer Specialists staff strongly believe that mutual respect, teamwork, and open lines of communication are key to successful treatment outcomes. The physicians also value the importance of education and offer a variety of resources to lower a person’s risk for additional skin cancers.

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