Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery services offered in Mesa, AZ

Reconstructive Surgery

The surgical removal of skin cancer can leave behind a large or deep wound that changes the appearance of your skin or causes a noticeable disfigurement. Skin Cancer Specialists provide skin grafts and other types of reconstructive surgeries for adults and children following skin cancer surgery. Daniel Skinner, MD, and Grant Heinz, MD, are leaders in the field of facial adjacent tissue transfer surgery and treat the most delicate areas of skin with an expert hand. Call the Mesa, Arizona, office today to schedule a reconstructive surgery consultation. 

Reconstructive Surgery Q&A

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery may be necessary after a procedure to remove skin cancer. The goals of surgery are to repair an open wound to support its healing and improve the appearance of your skin.

Skin Cancer Specialists offer several reconstructive surgeries for adults and children under the close supervision of a skilled plastic surgeon. The surgeon pays close attention to detail to ensure the surgical site heals with minimal risk for infections, scarring, and other complications.

When would I need reconstructive surgery?

You may benefit from the reconstructive surgeries available at Skin Cancer Specialists if you undergo excision surgery to remove cancerous skin tissue and have a large wound that won’t heal well on its own.

Reconstructive surgery is also available after Mohs surgery, a procedure to remove basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma lesions one layer at a time. The physicians view each layer under a microscope and continue removing skin until no cancer cells are present.

What types of reconstructive surgery are available?

Skin Cancer Specialists offers several reconstructive surgeries, including:

Linear closures

During a linear closure, the physicians shape a wound so that they can close it along a single line. They use sutures to bring facial tissue together to allow the wound to heal without scarring.

Skin grafts

A skin graft is a surgical technique to repair wounds that remain after Mohs surgery. Your surgeon removes a portion of healthy skin from another area of your body and sutures it over the open wound.

The practice offers two types of skin grafts: partial thickness graft (removal of a thin layer of skin from the donor site) and full thickness graft (removal of a thicker skin layer).

Adjacent tissue transfer

Adjacent tissue transfer, or flap surgery, involves the transfer of a piece of tissue that’s attached to a major artery or vein to a new location. The flap may contain only fatty tissue and skin but can also include cartilage and muscle from the donor site.

The skilled physicians determine which surgery is best for you based on the size and location of the wound. They also monitor your recovery process to ensure postsurgical wounds heal fully and your skin is healthy.

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